Tender Shoots is perfect for individuals and smaller clubs to enjoy zoom talks from the comfort of your own home, and it allows clubs to work together for mutual benefit. There are two options for becoming a full member.

1) Become an Individual Member. Although our zoom talks are open to anyone to attend anytime, we simply ask people to consider making a donation only afterwards if they enjoyed it. There is no obligation and no set amount. Sometimes the talks are recorded, but recordings are restricted to only members and affiliated clubs. By making a donation you will become an individual member and receive all the same benefits as the affiliated clubs. Please send us an email ( and we’ll send you our bank details to make your donation.

2) Your club could become Affiliated with Tender Shoots. To become affiliated there is a small membership fee and we ask you to contribute a talk towards our programme of zoom events.

The benefits are:
Access to all Tender Shoots talks from all affiliated clubs for all your members.
Access to restricted recordings of talks via the private members area on our website.
We have a Suttons seeds discount code for all members which gives 50% off seeds and 15% on everything else.
Access to the Tender Shoots national speakers list.
Each affiliated club has their own breakout room on zoom, which means you can chat amongst just your own members before and after the talks.
Becoming affiliated means you can hopefully use Tender Shoots as an add on for members and hopefully recruit more members into your club.
Please get in touch if you would like to consider becoming affiliated