Resources page for TS affiliated and RHS affilated clubs

For the garden clubs that attended the RHS Affilated clubs forum in July 2022 at Bridgwater and saw Indy’s presentation on ‘Modernising Garden Clubs’, please find below blank template documents that were demonstrated.

New garden club member registration form – (Please amend this to suit your club. When you want to register a new member to your club, you can use this form. They keep the form and they email you their contact details. You can then copy and paste their details onto your membership database, thereby avoiding any typo errors if it was hand written. This should also reduce the workload for the member secretary.

Beginners handout(Please amend this to suit your club. You can use this to give to brand new beginner garden club members when they join your club.

Card Payment Machines – I created this for the RHS (in Spring 2022) which they sent to all their affiliated clubs so you should have already received it. If not then you can download it here. (Please note T&Cs have changed since Spring 2022, so I have an updated version available shortly.)

Tender Shoots publicity business card A4 sheet for printing – (You can print this off double sided, then keep it in your wallet/purse to give to gardening friends to let them know about Tender Shoots)

Produce & Craft Show Flyer – I created this for the Austrey Gardening Club to so they could deliver it to every house in their town. The link is a PDF version, but if you would like to edit it for your club, here is a word version.

Generic A4 recruitment/advertising leaflet template – COMING SOON

If you have any recommendations for improving any of these documents, please do get in touch with suggestions.