Speakers template – COMING SOON

Tender Shoots have a list of speakers from around the country that can offer gardening related talks to your garden club in person and via zoom. If you would like to be added to our speakers list, we will shortly have a form attached on this page which you can use to submit with your details to be included on our list.

To be kept informed of when the speakers list is available/updated, please signup below to be notified.

Indy’s talks

Indy is also now doing talks to garden clubs, so he is available for booking from 2023. If you are an affiliated club then just cover travel costs but the cost of the talk will be free to the club. Get in touch on email or call 074 755 12323.

Currently the talks I have available are:

1) Modernising garden clubs – How to modernise your garden club to make all the job roles easier, simpler and more effective. How to recruit more members and a wider demographic. New ideas to employ in your garden club and make it more appealing, plus lots more. Including my most controversial ideas for the future of clubs.

2) Setting up a new garden club – Similar to the modernising talk, but how to do it from scratch so that not all the workload falls on just one or a few people.

3) Gardening Controversy – Why I believe you should not listen to gardening experts and just ignore most of what they say. The things the experts tell us to do which are just *********. The major difference between them and us which we never really account for. Including my most controversial gardening tips & views.

4) Two in one talk. Firstly an introduction to Tender Shoots. How to get involved, including a zoom training session for your members. Secondly I’m very passionate about growing nutritious produce, so I will talk about how to grow purple potatoes (mainly for my elderly parents). The BBC did a documentary about how the purple colour helps reduce things like dementia. Click this link to see a 3 minute video on the BBC program www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03q0lnd

More talks will be added later this year.